The group TruVoX and their collective voices act as one true voice, bringing  fun, and a fresh perspective while evoking conversation.  The group consists of young singers, dancers and actors who have come together to bring their spin to some of today's biggest hit songs. TruVoX's point of view on today's issues brings a voice to their peers that are relayed through their song choices. They adapt each song with their own style under guidance from singer/songwriter and producer Paul Lewis. Their first single brought an unexpected twist to Muse's hit song "Madness". Group member Mia Kelly says," The songs are special to us, we feel an emotional connection to them."

That emotion comes across in the recordings and the live performances. The group consists of Mia Kelly (17), Paige Vascik (16), Ralphie Alesi (16), Conor Maloney (19), Tyana Pierce (18), Macie Evans (16) Becca Reid (16) and Jessie Singh (14). Previous TruVoX members Amber Rahman (19) who sings on "Umbrella", and “Ho Hey”, and Alyssa Lee Lewis who sings on “Madness” have both gone on to have solo careers of their own. The group's sophomore single, Rhianna's hit song "Umbrella" was released in the spring of 2016. They followed up with Metallica’s ballot “Nothing Else Matters” this fall and most recently released “Ho Hey” originally recorded by the Lumineers. The group has recorded and performed in Los Angeles, Nashville and up and down the east coast. Currently the next singles are being mixed and they plan to release a full CD in 2017 along with some new original music. The group is slated to guest on Realize Records label mates tracks and they have a film project in development. Conor Maloney, one of the groups founding members says, " Music brings people together, and that's what we want."




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Artist: TruVox

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