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Emerging on his own, Mareza Hariri from Tehran, Iran is bringing his eclectic sound to the states. Mareza signed with Realize Records in the spring of 2015, after being discovered by another act of the recording company’s, Underground Dream. He is scheduled to begin recording in the U.S. in late summer. Coming from a restricted society, he has been searching for a “platform to show [his] art,” and looks forward to jumping into the music scene in the United States.

Writing since he was 16 in the limited society he was born in, Mareza has encountered barriers to his art his whole life. Even attempting to receive an official musical education, Mareza found himself more knowledgeable than both his teachers, and curriculum. This ‘barrier’ pushed him to educate himself in piano, bass, guitar, drums and setar. Continually powering through the restrictions of his culture, Mareza has previously recorded all his tracks solely, working with a dysfunctional computer. Despite each obstacle, Mareza has managed to perform in Istanbul on a three month tour. A driven performer, Mareza felt so strongly about his music, saying ”no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t  do what I wanted in my own country, so I’m going somewhere else to do it”.

Mareza is excited to explode his art across a free society when he arrives in the United States. Immediately upon arrival, he will begin creating official recordings of his songs and scheduling a tour. Additionally, he will be working on music for upcoming productions with Realize Records. Realize Productions CEO, Michel Grey, comments “Mareza has the rare gift of being able to create in multiple genres effortlessly. He is a great addition to our roster for both creating songs as well as music for our productions”.

Mareza’s music bubbles from an oppressive society, as well as internal conflict, creating a powerful message behind his tracks, saying “being in a society that is full of limits helps grow your imagination”. Though Mareza rebels against his society, he still embraces the modern Iranian genre he grew up listening to. With Mareza’s intense style, he is fueled by playing high energy shows, with a powerful sound and just as powerful an audience. Previously, Mareza has been influenced by artists like Maynard James Keanan, Tool, Metallica, and Radio Head. Embracing the style of his influences, Mareza will be bringing his indie/folk rock style with him.




  • 2015
    Jul 07


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