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The history behind the start of the Cas Kicks and Ricky Kent R&B/hiphop duo , can be summed up with one word; Passion. With Positive energy and a push - it - to the -limit mindset, the two have what it takes.  Singers/Rappers, Songwriters/Actors  Kicks & Kent not only showcase talent, and the ability to connect with their audience through their lyrics, but a drive for the art that can only be described as unstoppable. Their music portrays a plethora of pent up emotion, experience, realism and honesty that draws listeners in and keeps them wanting more. Their first single, "Pain Reliever,” hit radio in June of 2015 and quickly received adds at radio stations across the Mid Atlantic and Worldwide on the internet. Kicks & Kent show their R&B side when it comes to "Pain Reliever.”  Cas Kicks is featured showcasing his vocal style with the chorus of the song and his rap ability with the hook, with Kent taking control on the verses. 

Growing up, both Kicks & Kent were encouraged by their families to follow their dream of pursuing music. "When I was younger, my mother noticed me  constantly beating on the table, she bought me a piano and signed me up for classes to play different instruments” says Kicks. He is now seasoned in piano, drums, violin, cello, and flute. Ricky Kent found his knack for poetry at age 7.   ”My brother told me I had a knack for poetry so why not try putting it to a beat.  So I did. The poetry transformed into lyrics.” 

Ricky Kent and Cas Kicks met their sophomore year in High School, and hit it off right away with their love and passion for writing and music. When it comes to writing they say;  ".... We are complete opposites. But we can feel each other’s vibes... We just throw ideas around until something clicks”.  Heavily influenced by artists such as Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Jensen Ackles, Will Smith, Toro y Mio, The Weekend and Chidish Gambino,  Kicks & Kent plan on releasing a music video to accompany the single. The duo are currently in the studio and have plans to release more tracks later this year.

Their new single "Over You" will hit radio August of 2016. The song was recorded in Los Angeles in early 2016. With a short film, more singles, and a music video in the works, the pair are keeping busy. When asked about how they plan to move forward, they say " if it feels right, do it".




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Artist: KicksAndKent

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